If you are a small business, you are most likely not rolling in dough. Yes, you may be making a killing but that doesn’t mean you can hire a Web Designer, an SEO specialist, a Marketing Team, a Social Media team etc etc.

So, should you hire an in-experienced family member or that friend of yours to throw together a web page for you? Sure, you can do that. But here are some points you should consider before you make that decision.

Would you want your brother, neighbor, “server dude” or proverbial “college kid” treat a broken leg? Probably not. You would want a great doctor, one that has worked on numerous broken bones, and knows precisely what to do. The same is true for your online brand.

if you’re planning to launch your website, wouldn’t you want the new site to be a leap forward from the previous site? A site that represents your brand, blows your customers minds, loads fast, works on mobile devices and most important shows up on Google search results when people search for keywords related to your business?

If you said yes, to these questions, then you should consider hiring a professional. Hiring a professional doesn’t always mean shelling out thousands of dollars. By the way the “server dude” may likely charge you thousands if you are not careful.

Interview the person who you are hiring. Ask them about their experience with the software industry. Ask for previous projects or references. Building a website is not just knowing HTML or WordPress. That is like saying if you know how to put a band-aid on, you can do leg surgery!

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