About Us

We are proud Taos residents and our mission is to help local businesses in Taos and surrounding areas with second to none technical expertise. 

We are business owners too, so we fully understand the needs for local businesses. Think of us more as a Technology partner for your business instead of just someone who you hire to do your project and they move on after that.

Our Story

Growing up in the rural mountains of India, my father always said “ Daughter, use your talent and skills to give back to the community that raised you” 

Taos has welcomed us with open arms and heart. We call it our forever home. When we decided to start Taos high tech we saw a need for an honest, local tech company. 

Our goal is to be a true tech partner of the community. We want to bring the much needed tech knowledge and skills into Taos all the while keeping it human. For us local businesses are not just an account or a number they are our friends and family. We strive to be your compassionate technology partners.


Nishant (Founder)

Our founder Nishant, has worked in the Software industry for over 20 years and has founded many successful startups like Loqly, Indexedmind, Tripcarma and Agent Neo. He has taken the journey from an idea to success so many times, that he has gained experience by actually doing it.


Neha (Co-founder)

Our co-founder Neha has her heart in the right place. She has worked for years in the non profit sector from a hospital setting to a special needs school. 

She is the face to our technology and service. She adds a human aspect to tech. She is our boots on the ground person so you may spot her everywhere in Taos from local shops to organizations, connecting and guiding them through the digital maze of technology.


Jeff (Board of Directors)

Jeff Breau spent six years at Google where he saw first hand how online technology is transforming commerce and unlocking new possibilities for small businesses. After leaving Google, Jeff made his way to Taos where he met Nishant and Neha and was inspired by their passion for helping people leverage the power of technology. As a board member, Jeff is excited for the opportunity to support the people of Taos, grow local businesses, and create a thriving community of tech experts.


Let's Work Together!