Ever searched on your browser for stuff like ‘Indian restaurants’ or ‘grocery store near me’? If you are on your mobile device or a desktop, Google knows your location with a high level of accuracy, so the results it serves a person in Atlanta, GA would be totally different from a person in Taos, NM. Here is how it does that and why you should care about it. First, why should I care about SEO as a local business owner? When a person is doing a local search, they are usually coming in with a purchase intent, which is very powerful. This means they are ready to buy a product or service right now. eg. If a person searches for “water heater error code 65”, that usually means that person may have a real problem and either they are trying to fix it or are in need of a plumber to fix it. Another example, a person searches for “second hand furniture near me”, here that person is most likely looking for a second hand furniture store where they want to purchase some furniture. You see why is this so important? There is a potential client out there searching for you with purchase intent. Now Google’s job is to connect that person to a local business which can solve their problem. This is where local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in The way your website is structured and the way your content is layed out on your website gives signals to Google what it is all about and what services you offer. Your website is considered to be a second location of your business. With the help of local SEO, you are actually making it easier for the users to interact with your business.